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Three Blogs, Small Words, Big Spoon

Posted by Stephen Lewis on December 26, 2010

Long-form writing, consultancy assignments, and the efforts of making my way through the “crisis” have turned my energies away from blogging.  I will try to change this in 2011.  Over the next weeks I intend to resume posting to HakPakSak, revivify my photo-based weblog Bubkes.Org — presently off-server — this time with an urbanism thrust, and begin posting to an academically-hosted blog ostensibly treating “infrastructure.”  I also am considering a change in layout and and a redirect to a custom URL here at HakPakSak.  But enough promised; as they say in Bulgarian and in Turkish: “It is better to speak with small words and eat with a big spoon.”

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Bubkes in Purgatory and an Upcoming Change in this URL

Posted by Stephen Lewis on January 27, 2010

Bubkes.Org — my long-running photo-based weblog treating urban and historical oddities and my on-and-off involvement in Balkan architectural, urban, and religious history — is no longer online.  The server on which Bubkes was hosted has closed and the format on which it was based — Manila, one of the original, pioneering weblog formats — has gone the way of the eight-track tape and the 5-inch floppy.  I hope to have Bubkes.Org up and running again, this time on WordPress, sometime in the next month or so and, possibly, at the same URL. More on this to follow.  The redeemed site will feature new articles in the same spirit and style and from time to time will recycle some of the more popular (among the site’s small readership, that is) stories and medium-format analogue photography from the past.  By the way, if anyone out there knows a competent, reasonably-priced service for converting a Manila-format archive to WordPress or another non-dinosaur platform, do let me know.

Note: As of this writing, a Google cached “snapshot” of Bubkes.Org can still be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/yaksr9c .

Also in the next weeks …  I plan to change the URL of HakPakSak to http://hakpaksak.org and/or http://www.hakpaksak.org.  Thus, should this site is no longer be available via its present url (https://hakpaksak.wordpress.com), please look for it under either of the two planned new addresses.

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