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Hak Pak Sak: Genesis

Posted by Stephen Lewis on May 7, 2007


Welcome to Hak Pak Sak, a new weblog addressing internet-, identity-, and infrastructure-related issues. The genesis of Hak Pak Sak lies in the prodding of Internet commentator, blogger, and author Doc Searls. For the last several years, Doc, a friend for more decades than either of us care to remember, has been challenging me to plug my training in philosophy and public policy, my work experience in marketing and telecommunications, my eye as a photographer, and my avocation as an architectural and urban historian into the conversations that engage who shape the Web. And so, Doc, I hereby pick up the gauntlet and throw my hak, my pak, and my sak into the ring! (For definitions, see About Hak Pak Sak.)

By the way, if Doc was the prime mover behind this new blog, formal causality can be ascribed to media expert Adriana Lukas. Via Skype, Adriana deftly guided me through the decision as to whether to manifest myself, my interests, and my worlds on one blog or more (see my older and very eclectic “personal” blog, Bubkes.Org) and how to shape the identity of the new launch. My final decision was for multiple blogs, each based on the interests of the clusters of people with whom I communicate. At Adriana’s suggestion, I am kicking-off Hak Pak Sak on WordPress. I will develop a custom template and announce a permanent host, platform, and URL after completing a sufficient number of postings and harvesting a sufficient amount of feedback.


One Response to “Hak Pak Sak: Genesis”

  1. giantpulsingbrain said

    Re: The link

    No, thank you for running such an interesting site; its nice to know there are people interested in things other than television! Thank you also for the congratulations on my impending nuptials.

    You can link here to the German site for the Das Kapital DVD: http://www.suhrkamp.de/titel/titel.cfm?bestellnr=13501 but if you don’t read german (as I don’t) there is a little paragraph about it on the sign and sight website, under Die Tageszeitung, here: http://www.signandsight.com/intodaysfeuilletons/1793.html

    I am always amazed when people make such works of art. It really does restore my faith in humanity. I have never read the book itself, but it’s on my list. I think the sheer size of it is a little daunting, but I will steel myself eventualy. Was it worth mising all that fun for? Thanks again for your interesting site.


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